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Ruth Swift-Wood

Ruth is one of the team that ensures all our software genuinely solves people’s problems – and solves them well.

“I love talking to people, particularly those who may be nervous about interviews or technology, and putting them at ease, so that we get really valuable insights from them.” she says. “A lot of this work involves translation: people have all sorts of ways they describe things, and I need to figure out what they’re talking about, and how well they’re understanding the things they’re interacting with.

“It’s then really good to see clients react to the insights or interview clips we present to them, and how this can open their eyes to new perspectives.”

Ruth says the energy and positivity that came across during her Softwire interview were the main reasons she joined. She also highlights the lack of stigma around mental health issues within the business, and the way Softwire supports its people, as reasons she enjoys working here.

Away from work, Ruth enjoys disappearing off into other worlds, via games, books or writing. She’s a big tabletop gamer, who spends a lot of time prepping and running games. She’s currently also researching the ecology of different depths and areas of the ocean, to create a realistic environment for a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign.