Tim Harwood

We sent Tim an interview questionnaire for his profile.

He sent us back a beautiful alternative layout, some typography suggestions and a few annotations.

Several revisions later he was satisfied.

What did you study?
BA Fine Art, Kingston University (a long time ago).

Why Softwire?
The BBC introduced us… then when I left my previous agency, I freelanced at Softwire to help deliver some BBC projects. This in turn lead to Dan asking me to join to set up a design / UX department.

What is your mission at Softwire?
Make UX and design something that ‘we’ care about.
Try to ensure the quality of the design in the things we deliver.

What are your strengths?
Being able to spin several plates pretty well: Researching user needs; understanding business drivers; designing usable interfaces; setting up design systems; writing a bit of code.

Describe yourself in one word.

What super power would you like to have?
If I could turn back time… (without having to wear what was in retrospect a very early mankini).

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