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10 November 2011, by

JohnAs a third year Computer Science student at Oxford with a reasonable amount of previous programming experience, I was already fairly sure that I wanted to work in software development when I applied for an internship at Softwire. I’d heard about the company from a friend and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere combined with the wide variety of projects that Softwire work on particularly appealed to me.

My first project was to build a website to allow employees of a hotel chain to create a design for a London 2012 Olympics key card. This was a small project with only a few people working on it so I could definitely see that my contributions made a difference. All the technologies we used (C# and MVC) were new to me but there was always someone on hand to help me if I had any problems.

I also worked on Ship-Rec, an internal project which involved building a desktop application to enable Softwire employees to report on how they feel each day went and to praise each other for good work. This was another C# project, but I still got the chance to learn about a few more technologies along the way. These included Nhibernate (an ORM for .net), Moq (a mocking framework) and Ninject (a dependency injection framework) . Some of these were introduced via short training sessions and others I picked up on my own by reading online tutorials or books from Softwire’s library.

Having the chance to work on several projects and make meaningful contributions towards both of them has been great. On top of that it’s a really fun place to work with regular social events and trips to the pubs in the evenings. Whilst I’ve been here there has been a lot going on including beer tastings, film nights and the company picnic. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Softwire and have learnt a lot whilst being here.

Softwire have recently offered me a permanent job, so I’m greatly looking forward to coming back after I graduate!

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