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Our people

We started back in 2000 and have grown to over 300 employees. We’ve created the best-possible environment to produce outstanding software and deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. 

We hire the brightest people, give them great autonomy, remunerate them well, and provide lots of opportunities for them to give back to their local and not-so-local communities. We are growing quickly but choose to do so organically, without taking on any debt. That all adds up to the best working environment around.

Result? Our software and customer service are second to none.

Softwire was founded in 2000 by Pete Kenny, Phil Marsden and Dan Shavick. Their goal was to create a company that did software the right way in a super working environment with bright happy employees. They care about the outside world too. Between them, they came up with the idea of Charity Saturdays, which raises five-figure sums annually, have been made a chief of a village in Ghana for work there and are Tough Mudders for charity.

Our directors joined the company in entry-level roles and worked their way up through the ranks—we have so much talent at Softwire, we almost always promote from within. This means they really do understand the challenges faced by the people they are charged with helping and guiding. Even as we have grown, they have made sure that we have retained the traits of the small company they originally joined—such as our willingness to experiment and to delegate responsibility to people early on in their careers.

Our heads of department care about building customer relationships and making Softwire great. They try constantly to improve how we organise and manage ourselves, develop our talent and anticipate any road bumps. Most of them came up through the company and know our processes inside and out.

We have over 300 people in our production team and they have a lot in common. They are smart; they like working with smart colleagues and they enjoy delighting our customers with brilliant software.  They are good at it too. They also care about making a difference outside Softwire. They love digital engineering so much they work on pro-bono projects for charities and “24 pull request” open source initiatives.