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Sasha Burgoyne

Sasha describes the trust and respect Softwire shows its employees as “unlike anywhere else I have ever worked”.

She also cites the variety of projects she gets involved with and the people she works alongside as reasons she loves life at Softwire.

Alongside her main role as a project manager – where she leaves no stone unturned stone unturned in her quest to ensure both her customer and her team are happy – she’s a driving force behind our mission to build truly accessible software.

This forms part of her wider role as our Diversity Champion, which sees her working to increase awareness and inclusivity, both within the company and beyond.

Sasha’s a bit of a video games addict. She confesses to playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate pretty much every lunchtime, and has been spotted dressed as characters from Dungeons & Dragons at ComicCon.

Her other claim to fame is a European Cup bronze medal – in quidditch. (The broomsticks they use aren’t actually magic ones, much to Sasha’s disappointment. Because if she could have a super power, she says, it would unquestionably be flying.)