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Fears surrounding the ethics of AI development risk constraining innovation

Ethical thinking is increasingly embedded in every aspect of corporate thinking – from employee welfare to environmental impact. But while there are a few areas of contention within any ethical strategy, organisations can turn to an array of science and...

By Yemi Olagbaiye
Posted on 4 June 2018

Launching Softwire Consulting

Why Consulting ? In order to be successful organisations need to be flexible and agile so that they adapt quickly to changes in demand and get new features to market quickly. DevOps and Cloud provide a rich set of tools and...

By Jonathon Artus
Posted on 8 May 2018

Healthcare in 2040: How robots could transform the NHS

It’s 2040. You’re going about your business, when you feel your wearable health monitor buzz. One of its sensors has detected something’s not quite right. It’s looked up available doctors’ appointments, checked them against your diary and is asking you...

By Eli Neale
Posted on 24 April 2018

Cultural change – setting businesses up for success

A successful software project isn’t just about delivering the goods on time and to budget – it is about ensuring the development delivers on the business objectives. And there is the first stumbling block: far too few companies take the...

By Zoe Cunningham
Posted on 24 April 2018

Women in Tech – How long can we wait ?

Women in Tech – How long can we wait? Inspiring the next generation into IT is clearly important, but says Zoe Cunningham, CEO, Softwire, the skills gap and gender imbalance will never be addressed without some radical thinking. There is a...

By Zoe Cunningham
Posted on 14 March 2018

What will banking look like in 2020?

What will the specialist banking market look like in 2020? Will the market be vastly different by 2020, or will we see just small changes? What will be the biggest change by 2020? How will brokers and banks adapt to...

By Yemi Olagbaiye
Posted on 12 March 2018

Six tech trends you need to know about in 2018

Drawing on insights from projects we’re working on and what our customers and prospects are talking to us about, Yemi Olagbaiye gives the lowdown on what we believe 2018 has in hold for the tech world. If the first few weeks...

By Yemi Olagbaiye
Posted on 7 February 2018

A summer internship at Softwire

Hello, I'm Michal, currently studying Maths and CS in Oxford. I spent last summer doing an internship at Softwire. I applied here because of easy online application system, unlike multi-step many-pages ones I saw elsewhere. The interview process was quite fun,...

Posted on 23 January 2018

How to create the perfect working environment for your business

Drawing on her experience of running a company consistently ranked as one of the Sunday Times’ top 25 Best Small Companies to work for, Softwire MD Zoe Cunningham continues her exploration of workplace culture. This blog looks at how to...

By Zoe Cunningham
Posted on 18 December 2017

Creating a great organisational culture: Perks

In this second blog, looking at what makes a great organisational culture, Softwire MD Zoe Cunningham looks at the role perks play. What works? What doesn’t work? And what do you do when perks have unexpected side-effects? Of the seven critical...

By Zoe Cunningham
Posted on 29 November 2017