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My experience as an intern at Softwire

I completed an internship at Softwire after my second year studying Engineering Science at Oxford. After attending a careers fair, I applied on a whim and having had almost no experience of programming, I was a little worried that the internship...

By Jenny Potter
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6 key factors for successful sprint planning

Picture this You’re leading a talented, cohesive, high-performing team of software engineers. They work as consistently and predictably as a beating heart. Every sprint planning, you pick the next eight stories off the top of your perfectly groomed, prioritised backlog, knowing...

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Alexa is the New Command Line

In the beginning...

By Andy Patterson
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Softwire’s 6-Point Social Responsibility Manifesto

However much it feels sometimes like we live and work in a bubble – maybe a sort of Eden where the computers always work perfectly and the rivers flow with coffee – no Softwire is an island. We have a...

By Sarah Binney
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Employee Benefits

We offer our employees all the standard benefits you would expect, and much more - but that's not the whole story. All Softwire employees benefit from: a very competitive salary, plus significant bonus (or commission for sales roles) to reward you...

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How to become amazing at User Experience

At Softwire we select employees on the basis of technical ability and potential as well as technical knowledge, and provide all the training that our new recruits need in-house. It goes without saying, then, that training is  something we devote a...

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Working at Softwire

Softwire is an awesome and unique place to work, and our staff are among the smartest and happiest in the country. We are really proud of what we do, and how we do it. For the last seven consecutive years, we...

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Software Development. Where do you even start?

Kicking off a new project can be challenging. There are lots of options to consider and many obstacles to overcome. With years of experience delivering successful projects under our belts, we asked our developers what steps they believe people should...

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A quick guide to javascript streams

In this article, I’ll lead you through a crash course on what a stream is, and how you can harness them to make your code more understandable. If you want to try out any of the examples here, they will work...

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Top 5 technology trends for 2017

With so many new buzzwords and technologies, it's hard to determine which of these actually hold any clout in the modern business arena or have what it takes to become part of our lives in the future. Whilst we don’t...

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