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Softwire creates scalable, cloud-native data platforms with exceptional robustness and reliability, underpinned by modern engineering and DevOps practices.

Our Data Engineering services:

Enterprise Data PlatformsData Governance and StrategyData Analytics and Visualisation

Our approach

Businesses face
an explosion of data

This is often spread across countless source systems with variable data quality.

This leads to inefficiencies in business processes, challenges in decision-making, and often a poor experience for customers and end-users.

Bringing together these data sources in a single platform can provide opportunities to transform the way your business operates.

We believe in building
great data platforms

This requires a thorough understanding of the domain, and the current data and systems landscape.

We always start our projects by working closely with you to understand their business, their existing data sources, and the opportunities where data could have a real impact.

We then use our extensive experience to propose pragmatic solutions based on modern, cloud-native tooling.

There is a focus on security from the start of every project, building platforms which are secure by design, and all your data is managed securely.

Previously, we would do studies of around 100 patients, and gathering the data could take up to six months. Now, we can gather data on 10,000 or even 100,000 patients in minutes, meaning the insights we get are much more powerful.
Pearse Keane, NIHR Clinician Scientist - Moorfields Eye Hospital

Our approach is underpinned
by exceptional engineering

In addition, we use DevOps practices, infrastructure-as-code, continuous integration, and extensive automated testing to build platforms that are robust, and easy to maintain in the longer term.

And we focus on security from the start of every project, building platforms that are secure by design.

Customers that have benefited from our services:

Data Platforms

Data should be a first-class part of your IT strategy, not a bolted-on afterthought.

We help you architect and build data platforms that simplify difficult challenges and provide a foundation to build on in the future. As your data landscape matures, we’ll help you grow and develop your data platforms, using our experience and expertise to guide you as to what’s important and when.

We plan for performance, security, and governance from the outset, and use modern DevOps practices to ensure that our solutions can evolve rapidly in response to your changing needs, without hitting difficult roadblocks or needing costly rework.

Success stories

Data Governance
and Strategy

Data governance and strategy sets the tone for the way data is managed across the whole organisation.

We help you to develop a long-term strategy for managing their data, through a practical approach that focuses on the most important consumers of data, and seeks to address their challenges, while fully meeting data protection requirements, and addressing any other applicable legislation.

We work closely with your organisation to understand their current level of maturity and map out data flows. We assess the tooling in use and the wider technology landscape, and help to rationalise fragmented ecosystems and suggest solutions where gaps exist.

We then help to develop practical, people-centred approaches to data governance, and new operating models to clarify roles and responsibilities. In the longer-term, we remain engaged to support the cultural changes required to successfully follow our roadmaps.

Success stories

Data Analytics
and Visualisation

Making high-quality datasets available interactively helps business users to identify insights and make better decisions.

We help you to make the most out of their data through a user-centric approach that identifies the most valuable use cases of the data, and chooses the best-possible tooling to empower users.

We recognise that the needs and technical maturity of data users varies hugely between organisations, and design solutions that are tailored carefully to your needs. This may be implementing interactive dashboards in an analytics or business intelligence (BI) tool, publishing datasets through an internal metadata catalogue for interactive exploration through analytical notebooks, or even building bespoke visualisation software to solve specific challenges.

Regardless of the technology chosen, we keep the business need at the forefront of our minds, and focus on helping you to get value from your data.

Success stories

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