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Accelerate your journey to AWS with Softwire

Softwire has had a blast collaborating with AWS for numerous years, bringing the exhilarating possibilities of digital transformation through the cloud to countless clients across the public and private sectors.

Unlocking the power of the cloud for you

We tap into our wealth of AWS expertise to create and deliver cloud services that maximise the benefits of increased scalability, cost-effectiveness, security, availability and sustainability.

Build new applications in AWS

If your plans include cloud-native solutions to increase your agility and next-generation customer experiences, we’ll help you identify how to make cloud work for you.

We provide the support that takes you from traditional, on-premise software technologies to cloud-native software solutions delivering state-of-the-art services.

“The modernised Register to Vote service is now live in AWS, capable of scaling very large, very quickly, to meet both the gradual and sudden demand spikes it will face.”

UK Cabinet Office

Optimise your AWS estate and operations

Already running in AWS? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you getting the most value from your spend?
  • Is your application meeting security and regulatory requirements?
  • Are you following industry best practice around DevOps, security tooling, Infrastructure as Code?

We’ll assess your AWS estate to identify issues, then propose and deliver solutions. We can also help your teams implement modern, efficient ways of managing the estate.

What can Softwire help you achieve?

Whether your new software needs to be highly available, highly scalable, highly cost-effective, or all three, draw on our AWS design and delivery expertise to create and deploy greenfield applications that delight your users.

Why Softwire is your ideal AWS partner

We get it right first time

For some customers, our application is their first use of AWS. We’ll help you write your business case and build stakeholder support.

Our solutions are future-proof

Our software is built to be easily maintainable and extensible – as standard.

We create value fast

Our approach delivers working systems early. We then iterate and expand them to add further value.

We understand your industry

Drawing from our experience of delivering AWS solutions for clients across many industries, we have gained broad industry knowledge and will ensure you benefit from best practices in your sector.

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