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AWS Graviton Processors

Get the best price performance for cloud workloads running on Amazon EC2

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AWS Graviton Processors

AWS Graviton is a family of processors designed to deliver the best price performance for your cloud workloads running in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Softwire will work with you to enable this efficiency boost and cost savings; we will migrate existing EC2 and lambda workloads to run on Graviton, identify any managed AWS services that can make use of Graviton processors (such as Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, and Amazon EKS), and identify and resolve any blockers within your compute workloads that prevent migration.

Improved cost efficiency for workloads

AWS Graviton Processors cost up to 20% less than comparable x86-based Amazon EC2 instances.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Run a broad set of cloud workloads

Use Graviton-based instances to support application servers, microservices, open-source databases, and high performance computing (HPC).

Different tiers of instances powered by AWS Graviton are available, optimised for different shapes of workload. Experts at Softwire will analyse your workload and ensure that the most appropriately optimised instances are used, ensuring you can maximise efficiency and cost.

Graviton Processors in our work

As part of our work with a customer in the public sector, Softwire migrated the compute infrastructure of a lambda-based application to use Graviton processors. (With some exceptions for lambdas that rely upon features not yet supported on Graviton hardware, such as Lambda SnapStart.)

This led to an increase in efficiency compared to comparable x86-based hosts, as well as unlocking a significant cost saving of 15% of the workloads’ AWS hosting costs.

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