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We help insurers to gain a competitive advantage, by building exceptional solutions across customer experience, back-office, and data management.


Modernise technology to improve agility, reduce unit costs, and enable rapid innovation for new products and user experiences

Data and AI

Enable data-driven decisions across your business, from front-end customer analytics through to pricing, claims, and underwriting.

Customer Experience

Build exceptional customer journeys fast with SWIFT, giving you responsive, accessible web journeys with in-depth customer analytics and pre-built integrations to major insurance platforms.

Success stories

Zurich UK: Delivering improved business insights

Delivering a number of important data engineering projects and implementing new ways of working.

How Softwire helped Tax Systems leverage AI LLMs to transform data assessment and tax workflows

Discover how Softwire was able to help Tax Systems leverage large language models to accurately automate manual, time-co…

Further resources

The image is a promotional graphic with a central focus on a man wearing a collared shirt, standing with a confident, relaxed demeanor. The background features a hexagonal digital motif in a gradient of blues, symbolizing connectivity and technology. Overlaying text reads "NAVIGATING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN INSURANCE: BUILDING A FUTURE-PROOF CUSTOMER-CENTRIC TECH STACK." The text suggests a focus on the modernization of technology in the insurance industry, emphasizing the importance of customer-oriented solutions and durable technology infrastructures.

Feature: Navigating digital transformation in insurance

Softwire Client Director, Jon Artus, is featured in Modern Insurance Magazine’s data supplement. Read his take on transformation imperatives in the insurance industry, and how tech can support accelerating change.

Webinar: 4 Ways To Leverage APIs For a Competitive Edge In The Insurance Industry

Webinar: 4 ways to leverage APIs for a competitive edge in the insurance industry

Join us for an engaging webinar where we explore the power of APIs and their impact on customer engagement, synergy, growth, data-driven decision making, and security and compliance in insurance operations.

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