Jonathan Artus

Jon joined Softwire to work in a growing company with a great culture and amazing people.

He studied Mechanical Engineering at Warwick, graduating with a first and then spending eight years working across the financial services sector as a developer and consultant. He specialised in regulatory compliance and reporting technology, building software to help with tax compliance and reporting, and has worked in the banking sector on real-time trading platforms.

Since joining Softwire in 2014, he has worked as a technical lead and software architect and has trained a number of our intern and new starter groups in software development. As Head of Consulting, he is now responsible for building expertise within our business and deploying our people to solve some of the most difficult problems faced by our clients.

In his spare time, Jon plays the piano and organ and gets involved with the social side of Softwire, conducting our choir, and writing and acting in our annual pantomime. He also built an escape room in one of our meeting rooms, constructing a full multimedia experience with a sound and lighting rig, and specially built electronics powered by a custom microservices framework written in Python.