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Generative AI Services

The Generative AI Accelerator

Many organisations are looking to harness the transformative capabilities of Generative AI to enhance their operations and service offerings.

To cut through the hype and noise, and to facilitate real adoption, Softwire’s Generative AI Accelerator aims to guide companies through the initial stages of adopting generative AI technologies, ensuring they can introduce efficiencies and enhancements effectively, demonstrating real return on your investment.

The Generative AI Accelerator service is structured around two main phases:

Explore and Identify

Build a strong foundation for Generative AI integration

Clarify Business Objectives

Conduct workshops with key stakeholders to align on goals, establish key performance indicators, and prepare for transformative integration.

Understand Your Infrastructure

Perform an audit of your existing technology stack and capabilities to determine the best approach for integrating AI solutions seamlessly.

Define Use Cases

Create detailed use-case scenarios and map user journeys to identify critical points where AI can add the most value, focusing on projected ROI and necessary features.

Experiment and Deploy

Productionise Generatvie AI for you and your customers

Prepare Data & Architecture

Analyse how generative AI will impact your current systems and outline a strategic roadmap for its adoption.

Select & Customise Models

Choose the most effective AI models and tailor them to your needs, supported by comprehensive reports and technological assessments.

Prototype, Test, Launch

Develop prototypes that align with your business objectives, followed by rigorous testing and refinement before launching the solution.

Generative AI Accelerator: Step-by-step

Validate the feasibility of Generative AI use cases, increasing the chances of achieving the desired outcomes and maximizing the potential of Generative AI.

1. Initial consultation

identify your vision and set the stage for a tailored generative AI adoption plan

3. Custom AI Development

build and customize AI models that cater specifically to your needs.

5. Support and Evolution

Post-deployment support to handle new challenges and updates in AI technology.

2. Infrastructure Audits

assess and prepare the existing setups for AI integration.

4. Prototyping and Deployment

ensure the AI solutions are effective and ready for scaling through iterative testing and refinement.


Generative AI for Enterprise: Navigating Risks, Unlocking Rewards, and a framework for Utilisation

A practical framework for building Generative AI actionable use-cases for your business

Industry Applications


  • Automatically transcribe doctor- patient conversations
  • Get second opinions on medical imaging analyses

Financial Services

  • Automate the creation of financial reports
  • Generate predictive models and simulations based on historical data


  • Automatically generate product descriptions
  • Personalise product offerings & shopping recommendations

Real Estate

  • Automate the creation of real estate listings
  • Creating virtual tours and realistic property visualisations


  • Automate the generation of educational materials
  • Customise learning materials and assessments that adapt to individual students


  • Automate the generation of maintenance and incident reports
  • Identify defects or deviations from quality standards in real-time


  • Automate the drafting of legal documents and contracts
  • Analyse contracts and legal documents to identify negotiation points

Media & Entertainment

  • Automate the writing of scripts for videos, podcasts, or advertisements
  • Generate initial ideas, drafts, or even creating complex works

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Our Generative AI Experts

Yemi Olagbaiye

Client Director

Yemi oversees Softwire’s portfolio of media, entertainment, leisure and retail customers, working with our consultants, designers and developers to ensure we help clients achieve success.

Anthony Pengelly

Senior Technical Lead

Anthony has worked on a wide range of projects over this time, ranging from managing high traffic websites for the BBC, to designing and architecting globally distributed systems for Air Charter Services.​

Farooq Ansari

Client Partner

Farooq had always loved technology and shiny gadgets as a child but didn’t initially consider a career in the space. After studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford, he went to law school, where he qualified as a solicitor.

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