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A front-end designed for insurance providers

Quickly build and optimise your digital insurance distribution

Welcome to SWIFT, the customisable front-end solution for insurance products that seamlessly integrates into your digital ecosystem.

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An illustration of SWIFT - A customisable front-end solution for insurance products that seamlessly integrates into your digital ecosystem.


Significantly reduce development and implementation times when building or optimising your customer experiences.


Configure SWIFT to your exact business needs, branding and product complexity with built-in customisation. 

Industry Expertise

Overcome distribution challenges with a solution designed by insurance experts to support the insurance B2C landscape. 

“Softwire has been a hugely valuable partner, pushing us forward and helping us mature into a more rounded digital function than we would have been without them.”

Jen Dallas

Director, RSA

Cumbersome front-end systems won’t help you keep up with market demands

Bloated and stagnant insurance distribution systems can’t keep up with your business needs. They require too much time for development and implementation, leading to unprofitable sales journeys.

Stop wasting time on solutions unfit for insurance providers

These solutions don’t understand the fast-paced and ever-changing B2C insurance landscape.

Protect profits from expensive one-size-fits-all platforms

Don’t take a chance on costly systems that won’t allow you to build profitable journeys.

Everything you need to build and optimise meaningful customer experiences

Maximise Revenue

End-to-end sales journeys

Fully customisable to fit your brand. Manage every step, from information gathering and quote generation to processing card payments and collecting direct debit details.

Empower your customers

Self-service policy and claim management

Allow customers upload and view documents for policies and claims, review status, make mid-term adjustments and easily purchase renewals.

Gain deeper insights

Advanced analytics and reporting

Use our built-in analytics or easily integrate with your existing analytics tooling to harness the power of your data and gain important user journey insights.

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Integrates seamlessly into your preferred tech stack

Easily connect to your current or new systems. Need a custom connector? Our expert team can provide a hassle-free integration experience.

Ready to create customisable web front-ends effortlessly?

Take the first step towards delivering quick digital products, boosting positive customer experiences and hitting sales goals.

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