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AWS Lambda

Run code without thinking about servers or clusters.

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AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources, making it the fastest way to turn an idea into a modern, production, serverless applications. Softwire have extensive experience writing lambda functions, with use cases ranging from decoupling between services in an event-driven architecture, to fully serverless compute layers to enable applications to scale immediately to varying user load.

Quickly process data at huge scale

Meet resource-intensive and unpredictable demand by using AWS Lambda to instantly scale out to more than 18,000 vCPUs. Build processing workflows quickly and easily with suite of other serverless offerings and event triggers.

Run interactive web and mobile backends

Combine AWS Lambda with other AWS services such as API Gateway, SQS, and RDS, to create secure, stable, and scalable online experiences.

Only pay for what you use

Lambda compute is billed by the millisecond of used capacity. Rather than provisioning infrastructure up-front for peak capacity and over-paying for most of the time, automatically scale to meet current usage, and only pay for the actual compute used.

Our work with AWS Lambda

Softwire migrated the UK Register To Vote web service to AWS, using a fully serverless design for the web application, utilising AWS Lambda for the compute layer of the service.

The nature of this service requires very elastic scaling, as the usage patterns feature sudden demand spikes, requiring very fast scaling to meet an influx of demand. AWS Lambda provides the scalability needed to meet these demand spikes, while keeping costs low for the relatively low baseline usage, by only paying for the resources actually consumed.

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