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Gareth Johnson

As Head of Training and Apprenticeships, Gareth makes sure all new developers joining Softwire get project-ready quickly, and have a positive experience in their first few months

He is also leading the growth of our Cambridge office, taking it from a few people to a fully-fledged office in a sustainable and productive way.

His past achievements include captaining Oxford in a Varsity American Football game, inventing a new type of calculator that was patented when he was 11, and being simultaneously voted prime minister and leader of the opposition in his school’s mock parliament.

When asked about his career at Softwire to date he said:

‘I’m enjoying the growth and change I’ve been experiencing in my career. In my six years here I’ve been a developer, a technical project manager, and run a department selling training courses to a big range of clients. I’ve got the chance to work with a really wide variety of clients, which has given my great exposure to the different types of organisations that are out there!’