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Alex Wolff

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Alex Wolff

Alex is passionate about making sure that our projects solve real world problems for our customers – often in fresh and innovative ways…

He is smart, inquisitive, and willing to challenge the premise and be creative in suggesting new approaches. This makes sure we’re not just doing things right, but what we’re doing is the right thing and ultimately achieves the results our clients need.

As a teenager, Alex used to stay up through the night to teach himself to code C++. After university, Alex worked for a range of start-ups and product companies before joining Softwire. His experience has taught him that the best bit of code is the one you don’t need to write.

He took this belief forward when he successfully ran a 13,000 man day programme of work for Softwire involving 50 engineers delivering in a year – a very different challenge from the innovation work he does now.

These days when he’s not helping clients solve their business challenges, Alex can be found climbing up mountains and skiing down them, scuba diving, riding his motorcycle and generally taking all the risks in life that he would never do in his projects.

He also served as a trustee (specialising in digital) for Home Start – the national family charity – and works on Softwire’s CSR committee to support our charitable drives.

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