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Carly Gilson

Carly’s ability to quickly ramp up on new streams of work and technologies immediately impressed her colleagues.

She’s demonstrated this as a developer on a variety of projects, working effectively with user researchers and business analysts to ensure the products she’s coding genuinely make our users’ lives easier.

Carly is passionate about increasing diversity in the tech industry. She has helped set up the Hypatia Network at Softwire, to provide a place for people who don’t identify as cis men to chat and socialise with others who’ve been through similar experiences to Carly. She’s also mentored school students on our short internship programmes.

As well as making a figurative splash in the workplace, Carly recently discovered she loves nothing more than the literal splash of diving into cold water for a winter swim. She’s coupled this new-found passion with her love of cycling, to enter a triathlon in the summer – though she admits she’s less keen on the running element!