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Yingxin Jiang

Jiang Yingxin

“The people here are really great to work with and work for. They’re smart, trustworthy, and mutually respectful.”

What Ying values most about Softwire is the people. The lively social environment at Softwire means she works alongside friends rather than just colleagues. Both in her starting role as a developer and now as a project manager, she’s always felt empowered and trusted by senior management – working with them, not beneath them.

But being a full-time project manager isn’t enough to keep Ying busy. As one of our Corporate Social Responsibility Officers, her mission is to ensure a core part of Softwire culture is giving back to the wider community: be it working in school code clubs, environmental initiatives, or running pro bono projects. Ying successfully campaigned for CSR to be added as one of Softwire’s core values two years ago.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Ying makes the best of Softwire’s many musical endeavours: she plays the bass in one of our bands and the cello in our Christmas panto band, and picked up the guitar through jamming sessions with another colleague over coffee breaks!