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Usman Iqbal

Usman studied Mathematics at Cambridge, where he developed an affinity for programming that led him to Softwire in 2011. Initially a software developer, Usman has adapted to fill many different roles including technical lead on projects for the BBC, customer manager for some of our travel clients, database guru for our support team, and technical analyst on our sales team. He is now a DevOps Specialist.

Throughout his career, Usman has shown a particular aptitude for streamlining processes, and developed a deep expertise in cloud technologies, container orchestration, and process automation. He is now our DevOps lead, bringing a wealth of hands-on experience to clients who want to improve their DevOps culture and practices.

In his spare time, Usman can be found tinkering with an array of different hardware, from micro-controllers and Internet of Things devices to servers.  He has set up automated home lighting, written software to drive USB gaming peripherals, built numerous computers, and has replaced his home router with a custom-built firewall server.  He is currently in the process of building a private cloud at home.