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11 April 2012, by

Not only do we have great developers here at Softwire, but they all have secret talents.

In particular we have a lot of great photographers, from talented amateurs to semi-professionals. When we needed some new artwork to decorate our growing office space, we found a great way to harness this talent, and include everyone in the decision-making process.

Our in house art team ran a photo competition – all Softwire employees were eligible to enter as many photos as they liked with prizes in several categories:

  • Animal
  • Holiday
  • SW employee
  • Portrait
  • Landscape.

We had 103 entries.

The competition

In order to set a realistic judging scenario, we printed an A4 copy of each picture and hung them in our upstairs office. We then organised a drinks and nibbles evening and invited the judges (including everyone at Softwire, of course) for a private viewing.

The results are now in, and the ten winning photographs will be enlarged and put on display around the office. The A4 photos will be auctioned on behalf of this year’s charity,¬†starting from a bargain lowest bid of ¬£5 each – I’ve already got my eye on a few….

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