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9 July 2013, by

At Softwire we use a wide range of tools and frameworks, a large number of which are open-source. As software developers, it’s great to be able to give back to the community that’s worked to build that, and helped create the wide variety of technological solutions that we all take advantage of in modern Software development.

This is both nice to do from a charitable perspective, but also just outright useful; it helps us improve our knowledge of the finer details of the tools we’re using, fixes bugs and adds improvements that are relevant to us (and therefore probably to all sorts of other people) and keeps us close to the cutting edge of the industry.

We’ve been driving to improve on and increase our depth of contribution back to open-source recently and I’d like to highlight some of the great work Softwire people have been doing in the wider development community, both in their spare time (we’re a keen bunch) and as part of their day-to-day work. For more, take a flick through our github pages on

Suzanne Hamilton has added a great fix for a bug in Twix.js, a date-range plugin for moment.js.

Ed Wagstaff has worked with one of our customers on his current project to contribute back in 3 different patches to Ektorp (the main Java CouchDB library).

We’ve had a wonderful set of lightning talks filled with a whole set of great speakers, but particularly notably Harry Cummings’ winning talk, showing how easy it is to contribute on github by fixing a bug in bootstrap-filestyle and opening a pull request to push it back, all in 5 minutes, all in rhyming couplets.

I (Tim Perry) have been working on all sorts of fun JUnit fixes, and winning hackathons with the Met police.

Rich Bradley has been fixing Behat, a BDD framework for PHP.

Will Pragnell has been continuously single-handedly extending a very useful-looking Reprocessing library for vim.

We’re aiming to keep stepping this up over time from now too, so hopefully I’ll be back in a couple of months with an even longer list of contributions and successes. Watch this space!

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