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18 August 2014, by

Heart of the CityHopefully this goes without saying, but operating ethically is very important to us as a company here at Softwire! Because of this, we are always keeping our eye on ways to ensure we’re above board and help people give back to causes that they’re passionate about. As we’ve talked about before, 2013 was a great year for this.

It’s because of this, that I’m so proud to announce that Softwire is now, formally, a graduate of the Heart of the City Newcomers’ scheme.

Who are they?

Heart of the City is a group of over 700 business of differing sizes that exists to help support companies who care about CSR (corporate social responsibility). Every business has its own unique problems and experiences, so they provide spaces and support to allow people to get together and learn from each other.

What was the scheme?

The Newcomers’ scheme is open to SMEs, and started in January 2013. Over the last 18 months, we’ve had networking events, training courses and personalised mentoring sessions to massage our CSR programmes and projects.

What difference did this make?

A lot of the changes happened behind the scenes, including encouraging other Softwire people to champion certain causes. The biggest success story of this scheme was the work we’ve done with open source projects – with Tim’s tireless work to take something he was already passionate about, Softwire have managed to become a workplace where we make a genuinely massive contribution back to the open source community.

What does this mean for the future?

To a large extent, this is up to us! One of the key skills that was encouraged was the ability to listen to the company needs and respond to them – so our only limit is the passion of our employees. At the very least, we’re happy that our interest in supporting good causes has been recognised – and hope to continue it in to the future.

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