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19 September 2014, by

How long have you been working at Softwire?

I’ve been a developer at Softwire since last September, which I joined after graduating university in the summer.

What made you want to work at Softwire?

Doing my research at the end of university for a place to work, Softwire stood out for a number of reasons. I had a huge list of criteria, and Softwire was the only company that even came close! These included:

  • Small/ Medium company. I didn’t want to be a cog in a huge machine, and at Softwire your input is not only valued but also really visible from the very beginning.
  • Lots of different technologies. We learn new languages and technologies all the time here, varying from database work to service layer and even some front end web development meaning you’ll never get bored!
  • Lots of different projects. Our projects here tend to average at about 3 months. This gives you a great chance to get stuck into what you are doing, work with different people and see the whole lifecycle of the project
  • Company culture. It’s hard to describe our culture, but it’s by far the best thing about working at Softwire- something I hadn’t even anticipated when I applied. Everyone here is incredibly smart, really lovely and most of all, a good laugh.
  • Bristol! Bristol is a really great place to live, and our office is right in the centre.

How has Softwire helped you to grow as a developer?

I joined Softwire with minimal experience, but now I can confidently tackle any problems thrown at me. Being on real projects from day one means you get to learn pretty quickly the kind of code we expect here. I’m supported greatly by my colleagues and managers meaning if there is anything new I want to learn I only have to ask. Another vital part of my “growth” as a developer is that all of your work is reviewed thoroughly so you get almost continuous feedback to help you improve.  We’re also encouraged and helped to work on our own personal projects – whether it’s some software we think would make our lives better, or just an excuse to learn some new tech.

What do your friends think about Softwire?

I think most of my friend think that they would like to work at Softwire! I have a lot of friends in more corporate environments who are amazed by some of the things we get up to – whether it’s the copious amount of snacks in the kitchen or the fun events we do (we’re going to laser quest next week!). A lot of my friends are also really impressed by the charity support we get here too. I help at the Code Club the Bristol office runs, and we also have any holiday we take for volunteering matched, meaning I can take the Guide unit I run to camp!

If you could install any extra feature to our offices what would it be?

A zip line/ pulley system between our office and the brilliant sandwich shop down the hill!


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