The Challenge

Softwire were commissioned to build a rich web application to help Angel Trains’ engineers keep on track.

The key function of the app was to monitor critical maintenance issues, including tracking rail safety incidents and repair schedules.

We were tasked with creating a web-based user experience that would feel responsive and powerful to engineers whose experience was limited to desktop applications.

Our Solution

Working with Angel Trains engineers we needed to understand the key requirements involved in train maintenance.

We got a head start by making good use of a third-party control library to get the most challenging part of the UI done. We could then get early feedback so that after the first module was delivered, the rest would follow quickly.

We worked closely with Angel Trains to establish the key features needed. We built and tested the most important features first to make sure they were precisely how Angel Trains wanted them to be, ensuring they were delighted with the final product. Focusing on what was most important saved them money too.

The Results

On time as usual and under budget too.

With all the data in one place and at their fingertips, the engineers found operations easier to manage.

All the modules were designed with a consistent look and feel, which simplifies training and provides a framework for future extensions.

Angel Trains

C#, ASP.Net, Sql Server, Entity Framework, Share-Point integration

The project
A series of rich web based modules to replace legacy desktop applications

The results
Simplified train management with all data in one place