The Challenge

Create the software to kick-start the growth journey of a pioneering event video service.

Graduation is one of the biggest days of anyone’s life. StageClip provides graduates with a personalised video of the moment they collect their degree certificate. Key to the StageClip proposition is its turnaround speed: individuals can view and share their video within hours of the ceremony.

A lot goes on behind the scenes to do this. StageClip takes footage from the university videographer, extracts the video for each candidate, matches it to their name and generates the individual clips.

The service was proving extremely popular with its 10-15 launch clients, and StageClip planned to scale to more than one hundred times this size. It therefore needed to automate its highly complex process.

Our Solution

We built a sophisticated platform to manage StageClip’s unique process, and refactored another application to enable sustainable business growth.

New management platform

Working closely with StageClip’s CTO, we designed and built an application to underpin and manage the end-to-end workflow.

This includes:

  • Ingesting video in different ways
  • Marking the start and end of each clip
  • Correctly attaching graduate names
  • Adding overlays, branding, intro and outro footage from the university
  • Integrating seamlessly with its final clip-generation engine
  • Providing interfaces for StageClip teams to monitor progress and quality
  • Building the foundations for further automation and future university self-service

Refactor video-generation engine for scalability

The second aspect was to rebuild the clip-generation engine, which experiences very significant usage peaks – scaling from zero to 1000 instances with little notice is common. We identified and deployed appropriate Microsoft Azure cloud services to grow and shrink the platform in an instant. We also redesigned the workflow to be much more efficient with cloud resources.

Both aspects were essential: the scale of StageClip’s growth plans meant it needed access to significant compute power, but in an financially sustainable way.

The Result

Our software gives StageClip the platform to realise the first stage of its growth vision, launching new services and expanding from 15 clients to several hundred.

The management platform has been transformational for StageClip’s business, with its previously manual process now largely automated and new services launched. Its teams benefit from full oversight of where each customer and ceremony is in its process. And the refactored clip-generation engine can create 6,000 clips per hour – a 20x improvement over its predecessor, and essential for maintaining quick turnarounds.

James Pain, CTO at StageClip, reveals: “Before we had this software, we had around 10-15 clients. We now have hundreds, and we’ve only had to expand our operations team by one person. The Softwire platform has been essential in enabling this level of growth and the new services we’ve introduced.”

He concludes: “From the first meeting we had with Softwire, it was clear we spoke the same language and they understood what we needed to achieve. They then helped us make the right decisions when moulding the solutions, which I’m very thankful for.

“Softwire has given us the platform on which to grow our business, and the foundations for our ultimate vision, which is that the operational side of StageClip can run itself.”


Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Node.js, TypeScript, React

The project
Empower StageClip to expand from boutique event video business into a global leader.

The results
Our software enables StageClip to launch attractive new services and grow from 15 clients to several hundred.