“Despite the tight timescales, Softwire delivered by far one of the most robust iPad Reader solutions on the market.”

Richard Stephenson, CEO, YUDU Media

The Challenge

To build an iPad reader for an interactive publishing platform.

YUDU wanted to be one of the first to market a new interactive publishing platform. This app would target both the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch families. It needed to be seamlessly integrated with the YUDU Pro publishing platform.  The requirements included displaying PDFs published on the core system, with additional interactive functionality such as inline video display, web, email and phone links, page navigation and textual search, amongst others. YUDU’s clients needed to customise the look and feel of their publications through a simple rebranding functionality.

The Solution

We worked with YUDU throughout the entire product lifecycle, from deploying it to the Apple store to providing on-going support and improvements.

We worked closely with YUDU’s technical and sales teams to figure out and refine the specifications.We anticipated what features would make the software popular with their clients as well as built in room for future developments.

The Result

YUDU was among one of the first to have its publishing platform on the iPad.

We developed architecture allowing future extensibility, as well as full forwards- and backwards-compatibility. Content can always be read, regardless of the version of the app or age of the published content.

The app had a smooth and slick user experience, which took full advantage of the tactile and responsive features of the iPad. It is an impressive, intuitive and strong player in the digital publishing space.

We created software that gave YUDU’s clients the features they wanted, such as the ability to rebrand their content, allowing for each published piece to have its own unique look and feel.

The app furthered YUDU’s reputation for innovation and creativity.

YUDU Media

Objective C, Cocoa API, Iphone SDK, Spring MVC, JBoss, Jaza Persistence, Oracle DB

The project
Bespoke ipad reader

The results
Seamless integration with the YUDU publishing platform with backwards and forward compatibility, and customisable look and feel