Softwire Olympics 2012 – Part I

11 October 2012, by

You may or may not have heard about a massive sporting event in London this summer… that’s right, I’m talking about the inaugural Softwire Olympics! The Olympics are a keenly contested battle between the two floors of our London offices: Upstairs (Suite 330) and Downstairs (Suite 325).

The opening ceremony coincided with the annual company picnic (one of many cool morale-building events in the Softwire calendar), which was on the 14th of August this year, and saw a number of entrants from both floors in the “Wacky Races” event and “Football Golf”.

So, “Wacky Races”… What exactly are those then? The four races were:

  • The Beanbag Race
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Sack Race
  • Wheelbarrow Race

This was then finished off with a medley, with one person (or pair) from each team. Each race was worth one point for a victory or two points if your team got a 1-2; the medley event was worth 3 points. All races were run on the same course, around a bucket (20-metres from the start line) and back. Independent adjudicators Dan Shavick and Tom Ward were at hand to make sure there were no shenanigans from either team!

Beanbag Race:

Not a race that I had heard of before, but the idea is to run the course with a beanbag on your head (seems obvious when you think about it really). Two convincing victories for Upstairs (slow and steady was the key here) meant they stormed off to a 4-0 lead after one event!

Beanbag Race

Egg and Spoon:

I’m sure you all know this one, Softwire’s rules here were that if you drop your egg, you have to let it hit the floor and have to restart from where the egg started falling. Both races were closer here with a mad dash for the line in the second which meant that the last 3 people all got disqualified for dropping their eggs! Upstairs edged this one, taking it 2-1.

Egg and Spoon Race

Sack Race:

This one ended up a bit more even, some unorthodox sack-racing technique from team 325 helped them to a 2-1 victory, making it 7-3 overall. It’s all still to play for with two events to go.

Sack Race


Wheelbarrow Race:

Not just any old wheelbarrow race too, this one was a “blind” wheelbarrow race, where the driver was blindfolded (but not the barrow). With Downstairs 7-3 down going into this event, they needed some big points to give themselves a chance at victory. Did they do well enough? That they did, taking both races convincingly, winning the wheelbarrow races 4-0 and making it a winner-takes-all final medley! Could the first Softwire Olympics event be any more tense?

Wheelbarrow Race


Final Medley:

Both teams picked the best individual performers in each event for their medley teams (except for the Upstairs wheelbarrow, which was entirely replaced) in order to battle it out for the first 3-points in the Olympics. It was tense; it was close… Ah, who am I kidding, it wasn’t either of those! Upstairs took a fantastic victory, after an unfortunate egg-dropping incident by Andrew Bisgrove. Once the egg was replaced, there was too much of a gap to close, even after sterling work from the Downstairs wheelbarrows.

So, after the tension of the medley, what else is there to do at a Softwire picnic? A bit of football golf, that’s what. Not quite as tense, not quite as close, this one was a pretty clear-cut victory to Dan Shavick, Todd Simpson, Tristam Hubbard-Miles, Andrew Bisgrove and Rob Dimsdale from Downstairs.

Final score after a day of play was Upstairs 3 – Downstairs 1. With a number of events to go, this years Olympics are well underway!

The After-Party:

After the fun and games, there was still a bit more sport to be had, with the tradional football game and a spot of quick cricket for those who hadn’t been able to use up all of their energy. For everyone else, there was still plenty of food to eat, plenty to drink and loads to talk about. See you all same time next year!

After Party


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