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17 January 2013, by

Bowling (image from Kash well as our yearly company trips, morale is kept up here at Softwire with morale events for individual project teams. These informal trips are paid for by the company and all members of a team are encouraged to attend. The budget is dependent on how many people have been working on a project and for how long, and how long it’s been since that team’s last morale event. To ensure the smaller teams are not left out due to their smaller budget, they usually club together to do a joint morale event; because everyone at the company knows each other, these work out just as well.

Last month one team, consisting of 8 developers, took a trip to Rowan’s Bowling alley in Finchley Park. Rowan Hill and Rupert Wood won the bowling; afterwards, being software developers, we felt the need to try out our hand at playing Time Crisis 4, which we played well despite one set of controls being entirely broken. We also made the mandatory trip to the pub for more beer and some food, with almost all of us opting for dim sum and pad thai due to a very convincing case by one member of the team. Fortunately, it was delicious.

Other teams in the past have done events such as karaoke, and we considered quite a few places for our morale trip including paint-balling and go carting, but ended up going bowling as we decided that with Christmas coming up we were all probably a bit too busy to organise a larger trip. Needless to say, the trip was great fun and a great way to relax on a Thursday evening, and an excellent aid to team bonding.

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