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14 January 2014, by

We are thrilled to announce that as of November 2013, not only have we been accepted onto the G-Cloud 4 Framework, but we have also won our first piece of business through it! You can find us on G-Cloud under Softwire Technology Ltd where we are listed for the following services within Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services (SCS):

  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Software Consultancy Services.

The G-Cloud procurement framework system, part of the Government Procurement Service (GPS), was developed to promote the adoption of cloud computing amongst government departments.  A new framework is issued approximately every six months.  When the new frameworks are released, potential suppliers to the government can apply to have their services included on G-Cloud.  Buyers (Government departments) can then search the G-Cloud catalogue to find and place orders with suitable, accredited suppliers under standard terms and conditions, at agreed rates.

For more information on the G-Cloud service, please click here.

Being accepted onto the G-Cloud framework enables Softwire to participate in any tender process initiated by a government department that is relevant to one or more of our core competencies.  It also enables Government departments, ‘buyers’, to engage with us directly on smaller pieces of work for which a full-blown tender process is not required.

It is hoped that G-Cloud, along with the Government’s aim to do more business with SMEs, will increase the amount of business between HMG and SMEs.  Thus far, this would appear to be the case. Posting in a guest blog on the G-Cloud website, Stephen Allott, the Crown Representative for SMEs, confirmed that:

“as of the end of October 2013, 56% of total public sector spend by value through the G-Cloud framework had gone to SME suppliers”. [1]

At Softwire, we’ve already experienced the benefits of being on G-Cloud first hand, as we were subsequently approached by Companies House to perform a technical review of their architectural design.  You can read the details here.

We are looking forward to doing more business through G-Cloud in 2014!

[1] Stephen Allot, “The results are in – on a level playing field, SMEs win 56% of public sector IT business”


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