Softwire West team are the Brains of Bristol!

14 November 2014, by

As most of you will hopefully already know, Softwire is very active on the charity front. In addition to our main corporate fund-raising events such as Charity Saturday, and outreach programmes such as ICT Code Club, we also encourage employees to champion certain causes or events that are important to them or their local community.

On October 16th, a team from Softwire West took part in just such an event in Bristol; the Rotary Club’s Annual Brains of Bristol charity quiz night, in aid of the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

Who are the RNIB?

The RNIB supports everyone who is affected by sight loss, both the blind and the partially sighted. The Institute provides a wealth of different services from emotional support to practical advice, where possible enabling people to stay in work.

Who are the Rotary Club?

The Bristol Bridge Rotary Club that ran the event, was founded in March 2008 for people either living or working in the city centre to play a more active role in their local community. The club does this in a number of ways, from volunteering and fundraising through to networking and social activities. One of their annual fundraising events is the Brains of Bristol Annual Charity Quiz.

The Brains of Bristol!

This year’s quiz was held at The Kitchen on Silver Street in Bristol and hosted a number of teams of varying ages and occupations. Amongst these was the Softwire West team, appropriately named ‘Like software, but with an i’, comprising Anne Blanchflower, Conor O’Neill, Martin Thorn, Ellie Belcher, Dani Mew and Adam Nichols.

The quiz followed the usual format with a number of different rounds dedicated to specific categories from Science and Geography, to Literature and Music, interspersed with food and drinks. In addition to the quiz itself though, there were a number of extra games to play for ad hoc donations such as trying to balance a coin on a lemon in water. This sounds easy, but after several failed attempts and the loss of a number of 5p coins, we were compelled to give up!

Although we were defeated in this and a number of other ad-hoc games throughout the evening, it meant that we managed to raise/donate a total of approximately £120 for the RNIB. We were further rewarded for our efforts though by our surprising triumph in the quiz itself! (This may have something to do with Ellie’s epic, one-woman answering service for the literary round). Regardless of how we did, we’re very proud to be the ‘Brains of Bristol’, but even prouder to have taken part in such a worthy event.

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