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5 March 2015, by

Eli works in our sales team as a Business Development Manager. She’s responsible for handling customer accounts and finding us interesting new projects to keep our developers busy.

How long have you been working at Softwire?eli

I’ve been working at Softwire for 1 year and 5 months in sales.  I currently work as a Business Development Manager, which involves meeting with new and existing clients and discussing how Softwire might be able to help them achieve their technical needs. As a BDM (business development manager) you also manage accounts and manage campaigns. A campaign is where the BDE (Business Development Executive) generates leads through the calling data in that sector, for example my current campaigns include Pharmaceuticals & Health, Leisure & Travel and Property.

What’s it like to work at Softwire?

When I first started working at Softwire it was like I hit gold. I’ve never worked for a company that is so much fun to work for, I actually enjoy coming to work. Not only do they invest a lot of time into the staff with morale events but they care a lot about your personal development too. One of the great things about Softwire is the perks you get with the job, a chef that comes in everyday, food order twice a week, morale days, company picnic, company birthday…. I could go on and on. Something that really sticks out for me is the fact that everyone is really friendly and there isn’t any divides in the company. This is also true with the directors, I regularly have conversations with them in the chill out.

How have you found working at a software development company?

I’m not a technical person but as a sales person I’ve grown a lot just learning about all the different technologies. What I’ve learnt I use a lot in conversations I have with clients and prospects, which means I’m able to provide more value to them and answer the occasional techy question!. I’ve learnt about the different technologies in many ways, but a way that really stands out is the Lunch and Learns we have, which is where you get a free lunch and you learn about something new. The topics can be quite varied but I often find that I learn a lot of technical things.

What do your friends think about Softwire?

When I tell my friends about Softwire, they are really jealous. A couple of my friends have even asked if they can join. I think it must be a combination of enjoying my job and having a lot of perks but either way my friends always comment on how lucky I am. I’ve also been fortunate that I can invite them to most of the events that we do, so not only do they get to hear how awesome Softwire is but they get to experience it too.

If you could install any extra feature to our offices what would it be?

A roof garden! Oh and I’d love it if we could get an office pet, preferably a puppy or a kitten. On a serious note I don’t think there is anything that we could install as an extra feature. We are really lucky that the directors invest a lot of time into our happiness and if we suggest something which is reasonable, then we can usually get it. A great example of this is that the developers were getting tired of sitting in the same position for long periods of time and so somebody put forward a running desk. Now if the developers feel like it they can code whilst walking on a tread mill. 


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