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15 June 2015, by


A little while ago whilst going through some of my digital photos I noticed that some of them weren’t displaying correctly. Somehow some of my files had got corrupted; oh dear.

I do have a back-up system, but it worked by copying all the files from my NAS (network attached storage device) on to a removable drive. I had two removable drives that I used in rotation so I had a fairly short history to look back through. Fortunately some of the files had got corrupted in the window I could recover from, but some had gone bad too long ago and were now permanently broken.

So I decided that I needed to do something to notice this kind of issue in the future without having to regularly look at each of my thousands of files. I had a look around the internet and found a few things that were free and would probably work OK but not do exactly what I wanted (and also did a whole lot more that I didn’t want), and the usual cloud back-up systems that would also solve my problem, but for a fee. (more…)

Lightning Talks – Modern IDE Usage

3 June 2015, by

In April 2015 we ran another Lightning Talks competition where eight employees each had five minutes to tell us something they find interesting – inside or outside the software development world. We had talks this year on topics from the Java ecosystem to general relativity!

Once again we voted on our favourite talks and the top two won Amazon vouchers.  This is Suzanne Hamilton’s winning talk demonstrating the power of modern IDEs, where she refactors an example piece of code based on Martin Fowler’s book “Refactoring” without ever typing anything!