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21 October 2015, by

At Softwire, we’re committed to educational outreach because it’s important to give children from all backgrounds the same opportunities, particularly in the tech sector. So we’ve been pretty excited by Code Club Pro, a new opportunity to contribute really efficiently to how coding is taught in every UK school.

A new primary school curriculum introduced last year requires children to learn coding from the age of 5. But most teachers don’t know how to code, so Code Club (a non-profit organisation running coding clubs in schools) set up Code Club Pro to help fill that gap. Code Club Pro recruits volunteers with computing skills (that’s us!) and gives them the training and materials they need to deliver training sessions to teachers. Essentially they teach us how to teach teachers to teach computing. The volunteers then organise sessions with schools through Code Club Pro.

Our own Jamie Humphries championed the cause internally and encouraged people to get involved, successfully persuading a large number of the company to sign up as Code Club Pro trainers, starting them off on the process.

Our first session was in April at a primary school in Manor House. This was slightly intimidating; we were trying to teach a class full of experienced teachers, and teaching is after all what they do all day! A guy from the local authority showed up to see how it went, which didn’t help with the nerves either. But we shouldn’t have worried – everyone was really nice and seemed very engaged with the session, and we got lots of encouraging feedback.

One lady in particular said she’d been worried by how difficult and tiring this session might be, especially after a long day at work. She wasn’t very comfortable with technical ideas, but during the session was clearly taking things on board. Afterwards she came up to us and thanked us for making the topic less scary to her.

We realised that despite not being teachers ourselves, we could genuinely reach out to children by sharing with these teachers our expertise and, just as importantly, our enthusiasm for coding. We hope that some of that passion will be passed on to lots of children, many of whom would otherwise never have learned to code!

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