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1 August 2016, by

This summer Softwire launched an exciting new Employee Volunteering programme with the help of a great social enterprise called Benefacto.

At the heart of the programme is our offer to every employee of two free days this year that they can spend volunteering instead of working. I’m pleased to say that within the first two months of this scheme, 19 people (around 10% of the company) have taken us up on this offer, and have done some amazing things!

We’re really happy about this. Partly because we’ve been able to use our skills, our passion, and in some cases our sheer brute strength, to benefit the over-stretched charity sector and help the most vulnerable members of our society. But also because we believe that when we send our people out to face new challenges in the real world, they come back stronger, more confident and with new skills that will in turn help Softwire to grow.

Over the coming weeks we’ll publish some of the things that I and my colleagues got up to on our volunteering days. In the meantime, if your organisation is thinking of setting up or improving your own volunteering programme, I can fully recommend Benefacto, who are set up to help with exactly that. Their advice was invaluable, but the biggest thing is their database of suitable volunteering opportunities (think “AirBnB for corporate volunteering”), which has made the whole process run incredibly smoothly.

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