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13 September 2016, by

This is the fourth in my series of posts about how to get the career you want. Step 3 in my infallible all-purpose career plan is to execute the plan that you came up with in Step 2.

This is the step that really sounds the simplest. You’ve made a plan, so now you just need to follow it. Don’t be fooled though; this is the step where it’s easiest for us to trip ourselves up.

How often have you decided that you will do something, and then found that you didn’t actually do it? I will tidy the kitchen. Doh! If you’re anything like me – all the frigging time!

There are two things that work against us here FEAR and DOUBT.

FEAR often manifests in strange ways. Do you feel like you just can’t be bothered? That you don’t care enough about your career? Julia Cameron explains succinctly in The Artist’s Way, how this is fear in a different guise. “A neutral attitude is really just a defensive strategy that may mask boredom. Boredom is just ‘What’s the use?’ in disguise. And ‘What’s the use?’ is fear, and fear means that you are secretly in despair.”

You may hear DOUBT as “Am I nearly there yet?”, “Am I supposed to be doing this?”, “Can I really do it?”. You may literally hear this as a negative voice in your head. Have you ever experienced that?

FEAR and DOUBT may also show up as your not committing to a 5 year project. (“Hey what about this neat thing over here?”). This is fine if that is how you enjoy spending your life (in which case why are you reading this?) but it’s not fine if this is just a way for your fear to take over and distract you from your plan.

There is one infallible trick to dealing with fear and doubt and that is to do it anyway. There’s no point to trying for your career when you probably won’t get there? Maybe not, but you have to spend your life doing something so you might as well try. And the more you keep trying and achieving, the more motivated you will be to carry on.

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