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5 October 2016, by

As a company, we have the opportunity to sponsor a number of worthy events. We have decided to formulate a policy to help us to decide which events to sponsor.

Overarching Cause: Diversity In Tech

We feel a good first step to filter out opportunities is to pick one cause that we as a company feel strongly about. We have chosen Diversity in Tech as our sponsored cause.

We know that many people care about this topic, and we feel that one of the ways for us to help is by championing events and initiatives that promote diversity in the tech industry as a whole. We’ve decided to ring-fence a budget of £6000 per year towards this cause, and our intention is to sponsor two or three events each year.

Prioritisation Criteria: Engagement and Promotion

When deciding which events in the field of Diversity in Tech we should sponsor, we use the following criteria:

  • Are Softwire employees likely to want to get involved in the event, or to otherwise get something valuable from it?
  • How much do we like the event’s stated aims and rate their chances of success?

Sponsored events in 2016

To inaugurate our new sponsorship policy, we have sponsored Rails Girls Summer of Code this summer! This program aims to foster diversity in Open Source. Selected teams of women from around the world receive a three-month scholarship to work on Open Source projects of their choice. They receive a stipend as well as access to close mentoring and coaching from professional developers. We’re hoping to extend our involvement to coaching and mentoring next summer.

We are currently also looking for other suitable programs to sponsor. If you know of any, please get in touch via the comments section, or drop us an email at [email protected].

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