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13 November 2013, by

A bunch of us from the Bristol office went to the second BrisTech, a new tech meet up in Bristol. As well as free beer and pizza there were a couple of talks, including one by our very own Tim Perry.

The first talk was on cross platform mobile development, from HTML 5 based frameworks to solutions like Adobe Air. The talk was very good, and centred on Property Cross an example application implemented in a variety of frameworks. In essence these save time, but there is still effort in making the apps behave as you’d expect from the platform. On top of that supporting Windows Phone is generally far more difficult as it both has worse support amongst the frameworks, but also making the apps feel native requires a totally different design.

As a bonus the speaker Colin Eberhardt did a second, short presentation “What’s Wrong With Green“, about the startling lack of green in App Store screen shots, and other useful results of data mining Apple.

Tim’s talk was on modular JavaScript, in particular the benefits of RequireJS for websites and CommonJS if you happen to be writing JavaScript in a non-browser context. It’s well worth a watch, as ever Tim is a highly engaging speaker.



23 November 2012, by

Microsoft recently launched a new language called TypeScript, which is both a superset of, and compiles down to, JavaScript. The idea is to extend JavaScript to have EMCAScript 6 features, which are quite neat.