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Working at Softwire; or, Why I Love My Job

22 April 2013, by

I have been working for Softwire a little over a year now. I love my job.

You may have read on this blog about some of the big morale events that Softwire do as a company for the sheer fun of it. This year alone there are plans for paintballing, go-karting and a trip to Alton Towers.

You may also know that we have a pool table, dart board and table football in our chill-out room which is also lavishly stocked with crisps, chocolates and whatever other treats people request. You may even have heard about the huge birthday celebration that we have every year that turns our office into one big party area complete with live music and vast quantities of free food and drink.

All of that stuff is great, but it is not what this blog post is about. Instead I want to tell you about why I love working at Softwire. Why I love my job, day-to-day at my desk. Here are some of the things that I think make Softwire great.


Movember Fundraising

20 December 2012, by

Do you remember the excitement of that first day of December when as a child you would open the first window of your advent calendar and the countdown to Christmas would truly begin? Some of us at Softwire had a different reason to be excited this year – the first day of December signalled the first clean shave after a month of Movember!

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, Movember is an annual event that encourages men to grow moustaches during the month of November. The event is organised by the Movember Foundation whose stated goal is “to change the face of men’s health” by raising money and awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues.

This year at Softwire we assembled our own team of mo bros to attempt some high-quality facial hair development in aid of charity. Thing started off a bit nervously with a number of early morning e-mails and texts flying around trying to confirm that others hadn’t backed out and shaved – nobody was willing to face the embarrassment alone! However in the end our moustachioed band of brothers pulled together and I hope that you will agree that the end result was a resounding success.

 And our fundraising has been rather successful too. So far we have raised almost £800, which will be doubled under Softwire’s charity matching scheme. If you would like to add your own support you can donate online via our sponsorship page.

All that remains to be said are a few words of thanks. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far, your donations got us past early temptations to shave and will really help the charities supported. Thank you to everyone at Softwire for not mocking us (too much), especially in those early wispy stages. And of course, thank you to our significant others for putting up with our unusual look and our bristly faces!The Softwire MoBros

Project Euler: Inaugural meeting

4 June 2012, by

Last Wednesday, Softwire had our first Project Euler evening. After a day’s work writing code, we got together to socialise… and write some more code! But the evening shifted our focus from real-world programming problems to the abstract world of mathematics.

Like many others at Softwire, my background is in mathematics (the queen of all subjects).  Until about a year ago I had never even considered a job in computer programming, but then­­ I came across

Project Euler is a fantastic website that provides hundreds of puzzles and problems that require a blend of mathematics and computing to solve. After I tried a few of the problems I was hooked on programming, eventually leading me to apply to Softwire.

Since I owed my career choice to the website, I thought it was worth asking around the office to see if anyone else was interested in getting together to tackle a few problems. This led to the first meeting of the Softwire Eulerians society on Wednesday night.

The big green tick on screen is your reward for a job well done!