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Internship profile: Joe Edwards

22 October 2012, by

JoeAfter doing nearly three years of maths, I still wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do afterwards, so I applied for an internship at Softwire. I’d only had a few small experiences programming, but it was something I was confident I could do – the environment was something I was more concerned about though. However even when I went down for my interview in January I knew I’d made the right decision – the office was friendly, and it felt like a really good place to be.

When I properly arrived in July, we had just a few days to get settled in before being thrown right in on a project. It’s intimidating at first seeing a massive codebase – especially not having done any serious coding before, but very quickly you start to pick it up, and it’s immensely satisfying once your first feature gets finished! Everyone is always happy to give advice if you need it, and there’ll be someone looking after you to make sure you’re on the right track. (more…)