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Continuous Integration Traffic Lights Revamp

26 September 2013, by

The traffic lights I converted to monitor our Continuous Integration builds have been poorly for a bit, but I finally made some time to fix them up.

There were three main issues which needed addressing: a blown lamp holder, an aging relay board and a lack of suitable housing.


Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

16 September 2013, by

The Softwire Morale Virtual Reality club got started recently with the arrival of our Oculus Rift VR headset. I set it up during a “Pizza and Programming” evening at the office, and then held an open demo one lunchtime for people in the office to have a go.

Unboxing the Rift


An actual Java bug: Investigating a JVM crash on multi-threaded string access

8 July 2012, by

When your program doesn’t work as you expected, it is often tempting to blame a bug in the framework. Over the years, I have come to regard these claims with extreme suspicion. I have seen apparent “framework” bugs turn out to be programming mistakes hundreds of times. However, when the JVM crashed in some java-only string manipulation code (or gave different answers on different runs with the same input), I realised I had stumbled upon a real Java bug.


Travel times to Softwire by public transport

24 November 2011, by

Mapumental make pretty pictures showing travel times to various places by public transport. Here’s one for the Softwire offices (click for full-sized version):

Click for full-sized version