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Work Experience at Softwire

23 March 2016, by

Over the last two weeks, we have welcomed work experience student, 15 year-old Ruby Kimber from Stoke Newington School. She spent time with the Sales and Marketing team and the Admin team. Here she writes about her first steps into an office environment. 

During my time at Softwire, I have met many new people, learnt a lot about the company and learnt about what it’s like to work in an office for the first time. Everyone was very nice and friendly when I first came and I became more and more comfortable each day with the people I was working with and the environment. Each day I had something new to do and I always had something to challenge myself with and people surrounding me were always willing to help.

Softwire is a really nice, fun and exciting company where everybody knows each other and gets along well. I got a lot of freedom and everybody wanted what was best for me and helped me to learn new things. Most days I was with the sales and marketing team, doing something at my desk, for example, turning a case study into shorter bullet points to be used in PowerPoint presentations. Both Thursdays I worked with the admin team, answering the phone and creating spreadsheets for new ideas – learning new and different skills.

I always had something interesting to be getting on with and you can always have fun whilst doing so. I had my own desk and laptop where I could get on with my tasks in the relaxed environment and it was easy to settle in with everybody around me being so helpful and friendly. Of course, another great thing about Softwire is all the food and the kitchen staff who make delicious lunches every day.

I also explored Softwire’s Discourse forum where employees can chat about various issues, some work related, some not so much. I also learnt new skills such as making spreadsheets, creating email layouts and I even tweeted on Softwire’s Twitter page! There are two sides to the company; the one where everybody works really hard and is very focused on their jobs and the other playing table tennis and having fun, and I think the balance is just right. Thanks to everyone here at Softwire for making my experience here such a good one!