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Training Tracks: How to become amazing at JavaScript

20 March 2013, by

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Here’s Rowan‘s Training Track on JavaScript: we hope you find it useful! 

(“Training Tracks” are one strand of our in-house training – see here for an explanation of what a Training Track is.)


Training Tracks: How to become amazing at User Experience

25 February 2013, by

At Softwire we select employees on the basis of technical ability and potential as well as technical knowledge, and provide all the training that our new recruits need in-house. It goes without saying, then, that training is  something we devote a lot of time to getting right, and it takes many different forms.

We thought we’d share one of those forms with you: our set of recommended reading lists or “Training Tracks”. We get a top developer to compile a list of books, tutorials and other on-line resources for a specific technology or area of development, and categorise them into different levels, all the way from beginner (Level 1) to ninja (Level 5 and beyond). Below is Tej’s UX Training Track to start the series: we hope you find it useful!