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Updating Redburn’s Legacy System Support

Our industry can be complicated, and Softwire’s team got their heads around the terminology and the way things work very quickly. The team also understood the bigger picture in terms of what Redburn was trying to deliver. The whole experience very good and I fully endorse Softwire.”  – Alex Cardell, Client Relationship Management, Redburn

The Challenge

 Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM to version 2016 and deliver a new self-service interface to encourage greater usage across Redburn’s business

CRM systems are essential in any business by enabling effective customer engagement. Redburn, a premium equities research and execution company, was using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, which was going out-of-support and needed upgrading to Dynamics 2016.

Redburn’s industry was also undergoing significant commercial changes. To ensure it continued to thrive, Redburn wanted to further improve and track the services it provides its customers. This involved overhauling the way it used CRM, with more parts of its business required to access it to record and share information.

The new system therefore required an intuitive self-service portal to free up the specialist CRM team. Data structures also needed to change, and with numerous applications linking to Redburn’s CRM system, the upgrade had to be carefully planned to minimise risk at launch.

Our Solution

 We designed and delivered the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 system, complete with a bespoke self-service portal and seamless integrations with other apps

Central to the upgrade was the new self-service portal for Redburn employees, many of them power users requiring large amounts of complex data at their fingertips. We worked with these users to understand how to support them, seeking regular feedback as we developed our designs.

With so many systems interacting with Dynamics at Redburn, we worked closely with their application teams to ensure all parts of Redburn’s business would continue to operate normally, following the upgrade. We also designed and delivered a new data architecture, to make the new system easier to use.

Throughout, we significantly reduced risk by ensuring we worked with up-to-date data. With Redburn continuing to use its existing CRM system as we built the new one, our approach ensured we eradicated surprises when we launched Dynamics 2016.

The Result

Redburn now enjoys a modern, well-used CRM system that’s helping it stay ahead of rapid changes in its industry, by easily recording and responding to customer preferences

Less than a year after its launch, Redburn’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 system is already fundamental to its business, helping it better track and share its customer preferences and interactions internally. This is critical to its new commercial model, and its ability to offer customers carefully tailored services, based on their needs.

Underpinning its success is Softwire’s self-service portal, which has made the system more intuitive. Consequently, a broader range of people are using it, and doing so more frequently. This means data quality is better, while the specialised CRM team has freed up around 50 days per year to focus on high-value strategic work.

And with Softwire having designed the system to be easy to maintain, Redburn supports much of it in-house, with assistance from Softwire when required.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

The project
Design and deliver a new CRM system to help Redburn provide better services and support a new commercial model.

The results
A modern, intuitive and widely used system that’s enabling Redburn to thrive in a challenging market.