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Lunchtime #TechTalk with Kevlin Henney

This event took place on 12th October 2022
Hosted by Zoe Cunningham

Missed the event? Listen to the recording or read the summary:

Event highlights

Highlights from Kevlin Henney’s #TechTalk: Developers have a moral responsibility to ‘code for the future’

Zoe Cunningham

Kevlin Henney is a highly respected independent consultant, speaker, writer and trainer, who keynotes at conferences and events. His software development interests are in programming, practice and people and he has contributed code to many companies and projects.

In all his years of consulting and teaching, he has built up an enviable wealth of knowledge and exposure, which gives him unique insights into today’s landscape. Over lunch, hear Kevlin Henney talk with Softwire Director Zoe Cunningham, live with Twitter Spaces.

Topics to be discussed, include:

  • Testing: Should it be based on solid principles or levels of abstraction?
  • Every developer is ‘programming for the past’ and why this is important to realise.
  • The simple ideas in his experience that all software teams need to get right.
  • Three views on how developers handled the changes brought on by Covid-19
  • How to help stakeholders come on-board with work that they can’t instantaneously see the value of?
  • What is the moral responsibility of developers that publish open-source and AI technology?
  • Are we behind the curve when it comes to supporting climate change prevention initiatives?
  • The differences between older generation and newer generation coders

Featured guest

Kevlin Henney

Technology consultant

Kevlin has a long career in software consulting. In addition, he has been a columnist for many magazines and sites, including The Register. He is also co-author of two volumes in the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series, editor of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know and co-editor of 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know.

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The event

The event will be a live interview on Softwire’s Twitter Space. Tune in on your mobile Twitter app to hear the interview, using this link:

Send us your questions for Kevlin in advance to [email protected] or on the day on Twitter, tagging @softwireUK

Covid safety measures

This event will be taking place remotely, online.

For more information, please contact Content Manager, Meena Toor at Softwire: [email protected] or 07957 554477.