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Lunchtime #TechTalk with Mariot Chauvin, Guardian News & Media

This event took place on 29th March 2023
Hosted by Zoe Cunningham

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Event highlights

Watch the Techtalk: Interview with Mariot Chauvin, Guardian News & Media

Zoe Cunningham

The Guardian is globally renowned for its coverage of politics, the environment, science, social justice, sport and culture. Its journalists deliver agenda-setting investigations, breaking live news, compelling opinion writing and the liveliest features. It’s also well known for its award-winning podcasts, video documentaries and infographics and visuals.

Given the grand size and demands on the Guardian’s technical systems, how do they keep up with the demands of its journalism staff, cater for the needs of its millions of viewers, and deliver seamless integrations for its ad and subscription-based business model?

In this live lunchtime #TechTalk, we’re speaking with our special guest, Mariot Chauvin, Director of Engineering.

Guest Speaker

Mariot Chauvin

Director of Engineering
Guardian News & Media

Mariot is currently the Director of Engineering at the Guardian which he joined about 9 years ago. Previously, Mariot notably worked at Zengularity in Paris on designing and building highly scalable information systems, at Obeo on complex systems modelling and at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory on the creation of a messaging protocol for wireless sensor networks (MQTT-SN).

In his role, Mariot looks after approximately 140 software developers that work in 26 cross-functional teams, who are responsible for a large estate, ranging from the Guardian mobile apps and website to the editorial tools suite, and all supporting platforms.

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Event topics

This is a great opportunity to hear about the role of technology in one of the UK’s biggest media brands.

Mariot will be sharing his insights on these topics:

  • How do you, as director of engineering, manage so many multidisciplinary teams?
  • The Guardian has a reputation for having a strong digital technical capability, which requires hiring the best people. How does the Guardian attract the talent it needs when there’s a scarcity in the industry at the moment? And how do you retain them?
  • How do you support journalists and other people in editorial with their work, and how do you engage with them about the value of technology?
  • Technology influences the way news is consumed, and in a time when attracting and keeping the attention of your readers is key, how does the Guardian approach new platforms and new content formats? 
  • What do you see as the main challenges and opportunities in digital journalism, and how are you and your team tackling them?

There will also be an audience Q&A session towards the end!

Event agenda

You’re invited to join us at this live speaker event on Wednesday 29 March, 12:30-13:30pm (1 hour – GMT).

The interview will be hosted by Softwire Director, Zoe Cunningham, and will take place online as a Zoom webinar. The event is free to attend.

To sign up, click on the ‘Collect your ticket on Eventbrite’ button. You will then receive an email with the Zoom joining instructions and an invitation to add it to your diary.

For more information, please contact Content Manager, Meena Toor by email ([email protected]) or phone (07957 554477 UK +44).

Missed the event?