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Speaking session: ‘Stop Beating Yourself Up: Do This Instead’

This event took place on 22nd November 2022
Hosted by Zoe Cunningham

Softwire Director, Zoe Cunningham is talking at the Women of Silicon Roundabout on the topic of Resilience, which is the theme of this conference. Her talk is called “Stop beating yourself up: Do this instead”.

In the session, Zoe will be helping put to bed the idea that ‘only by being mean to ourselves, can we do more and get the things we want out of life’. Actually, there are better strategies, better ways and better practical, concrete, tangible things that can help you adopt a new mindset.

Zoe’s session will occur on Day 1 of the conference (November 22) between 11.30am – 12.30pm.

About Zoe

Zoe Cunningham


Zoe is a director at Softwire as well as a developer. She regularly speaks at conferences and event, hosts the popular podcast ‘Softwire #TechTalks, and has published three books.

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About Women of Silicon Roundabout

Founded in London in 2015, Women of Silicon Roundabout is the flagship event in the Women in Technology World Series, and the original centrepiece of the global gender diversity movement in tech

For 2022, The Power of Resilience is the unrivalled theme; uniting all women in technology to supercharge their careers and in doing so, redefining the tech industry.

How to attend the event

You can attend the event by buying a premium ticket to the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference on November 22-23 2022. A special speaker discount is available to provide 15% off ticket prices, by using the code: #WOSR22 at checkout.