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The Great Tech Reset – Creating Things People Want

On 16 March, Softwire and Byte The Book hosted an online media and entertainment panel event covering the topic of: How can those in the media industries create technologies that best serve their customers?

We acknowledge that the pandemic has changed consumer behaviours, which has in turn accelerated technological innovation and democratised access to audiences. This means that businesses need to move beyond survival, to adapt to the heightened expectations of users of digital products and services to ‘thrive’.

Head of Design at Softwire, Elin Sjursen chaired the panel of industry experts:

  • Kevin Bourne –  Director of New Media (VOD Services) at AMC Networks International UK
  • Neelam Shahbazi – VP Product and Operations at ViacomCBS
  • Kelli Fairbrother – Co-Founder and CEO at XigXag

Here’s the recording of the discussion, ideas and insights:

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