Why Softwire ?

Vendor-independent expertise

Having created cloud-based apps and services for some of the biggest brands in the UK, we know what it takes to get optimal performance, security and availability out of the major cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Because we’re experts in all three and completely independent, we’ll give you impartial advice that’s genuinely in the best interests of your organisation.

And because we provide complete, end-to-end cloud services, we’re the only partner you’ll need, from project inception to ongoing support.

Our approach

Comprehensive end-to-end cloud services

Cloud adoption advisory

Is cloud computing the right approach for your application? We’ll assess your business and technology requirements and provide independent advice on whether to go for cloud, which vendor is most suitable, and how to achieve the greatest benefits from the technology you choose.

Cloud architecture design

When you’re creating a new product or service, we’ll select the most appropriate cloud vendor, then create an architecture that makes optimal use of the available cloud features. Getting the architecture right at the start keeps costs down and ensures your product is properly future-proof.

Cloud migration

As well as reducing your hosting overheads, taking on-premises applications to the cloud enables you to benefit from cloud-specific features that improve performance, scalability and more. We’ll lift your enterprise applications to an appropriately architected cloud platform, making sure this doesn’t disrupt your business.

Cloud support

If your application is running in the cloud, our dedicated support team can look after both the app and the cloud platform underpinning it.

Cloud review

Is your cloud-based application not performing as well as you’d hoped, or costing more than expected? We’ll look at how the app and platform are set up, to make sure everything’s in line with best practices and making optimal use of the available cloud features. We can also train your teams, empowering them to get more from your cloud investments.