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Data and AI services


Data is the lifeblood of any organisation: it holds the key to better customer experiences, improved decision-making and greater efficiency across operations. We’ll help you unlock the value in your data.

You might have big ideas about how to better use data in your organisation. We’ll help you realise them by designing and building the right platform, from data warehouses, through analysis and systems integration to visualisation of management insights.

Equally, you may be wanting to explore the art of the possible when it comes to your data. How could you bring together information from across your organisation to make better decisions? Could artificial intelligence play a role? We’ll show you what you could achieve – and then deliver it for you – either as a one-off to answer a burning question or as a production-ready data system.

Draw on our unique blend of integrated data science and engineering expertise to take your organisation to the next level, powered by data.

Why Softwire?

Our experience and technical expertise

However you plan to use data, you need a variety of skills to make it happen. Working with Softwire, you get all of them under one roof.

Firstly, to identify the best possible solution for you, we’ve got data architects, data scientists and AI experts with deep knowledge and practical experience of cutting-edge tools and techniques. We’ve then got programme managers, user experience and visualisation experts, along with security specialists with track records of delivering enterprise data programmes that make a real difference.

We’re also completely vendor-independent, with experience of a range of structured and unstructured data platforms. We’ll recommend the best technology for your needs, or work with whatever’s already in place.