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Media and entertainment sector


The always-on nature of media and entertainment brands means that uptime, delivery and consistency are paramount. Add in changing consumer behaviour and an uncertain entertainment landscape, and now you have a complex digital estate to think about.

Digital services can improve interactions with viewers, subscribers and members – and deliver essential savings. We empower you with the technology and digital skills to provide even better customer experiences.

The rapid digital adoption driven by COVID-19 has resulted in a heightened customer expectation for what to expect from digital or digitally-enabled products. The pandemic has also accelerated several existing media trends, and altered various entertainment-related behaviours. This makes it so much harder now to know where to start in adding value to your digital operations.

Ultimately, consumers only have so much time, attention, and money, so the only way for media & entertainment companies to truly build lasting relationships with them is to simply put them at the forefront. It’s about understanding the nuances between customer segments, generations, and differing kinds of media, and leveraging that data to create an enhanced and hyper-personalised customer experience. This can open up the doorway to a loyalty between brand and user that persists the ongoing changes that will continue to shape the industry for generations to come.
Yemi Olagbaiye, Softwire Client Director for Media and Entertainment sector.

We’ve worked in this sector for over a decade, so know what it takes to create successful services that busy and consumer-focussed brands need to have set up, and adapting as they change and grow.

Full service phases

Discovery (Research & Ideation)

Let’s figure out what you have now and what you need, to achieve your goals.

Define (Design & Prototyping)

Let’s choose the right option and design a prototype with a multi-disciplinary team.

Develop (MVP Build / Launch)

Let’s build a first-class CX service, test it and improve results in an agile way.

Deliver (Solution / ROI)

Let’s support and uplift you and your team, as you continue on your journey.

How we'll work with you day-to-day

Kick off workshop:

  • Kick off meeting to meet the key stakeholders, and understand priorities​
  • Work with your Product Owner to develop a stakeholder map and understand key relationships and dependencies

Stakeholder check-ins:

  • One-on-one meetings with specialist stakeholders to talk through specific business requirements or specialist issues​
  • Go into more detail on the user problems we’re trying to solve


  • Regular meetings with a Steering Group to talk through progress and challenges, and gather contextual information​
  • Tools to track progress against goals, and identify risks and mitigations​

Week notes:

  • We’ll send around week notes to stakeholders to give an insightful, comprehensive and honest update on what we learned as a project team that week and what we plan on testing the following week​